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Law Office of Emily Horton PLLC focuses its practice on serving the particular and unique legal needs of the arts and entertainment communities.  Arts and entertainment law is an interdisciplinary practice that requires understanding of both the law and the special concerns of individuals and businesses in the arts community.  It is essential that an attorney practicing in this field know the customs and practices within the industry and within specific sub-sectors of the larger creative community.

Ms. Horton truly understands both the creative and business sides of the arts and entertainment communities.  She understands that determining the best options for artists and art-focused businesses requires a careful balancing of competing concerns and needs, and she knows that determining the best option requires listening to and working closely with her clients.

Our dallas firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas: Entertainment Law, Contracts, Music Law, Film and Motion Pictures, Television, Publishing, Copyright, Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Business Start-Ups, Small Business Law, Technology, Internet and e-Commerce Law, and other entertainment-related matters.